My philosophy

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"Act to become" ... someone will ask why this name. For those who work every day in this store is certainly well known. "Act to become" is the name that when a wine has not yet been registered as DOC, DOCG, IGT, ... During visits to farms made in recent months, several times I read this written on slates hung on the barrels and each time I felt he could express, even romantic in the sense of expectation and care that are necessary to ensure that the wine can best express its full potential. This activity was inspired primarily by my great passion, even from my great passion: wine ... and his world. "With the rejection of bad wines, sophisticated, with the search for the real ones, so even good, honest face dispute. We defend with lawful interest category, the broader interest for wine. For the wine in which everything - vintage wine, tasting - may still be today, especially today, in times of mechanization and sorrows, happiness and truth. The wine is a real value because it gives us the unreal. " With these words expressed Luigi Veronelli and I chose these words because they express the essence of the idea that I have wine. Do I have a great person like him the beginning of my passion, it is he who taught me, unfortunately without ever having known how to approach the wine, how to read and use the guides, especially those who have the merit of presenting a larger public companies hitherto little known, but also those that recognize the value of companies and now historical footnotes, but without letting these guides can influence our personal choices. I always tried to make the purchase of a wine or simply the pleasure after a taste, not driven by similar or celebrations, but I tried to create my own culture that allows me to enjoy wine without necessarily for someone else to decide. Luigi Veronelli taught me that to really know the wine is not drinking enough, it should taste it (very valid as the courses teach AIS), knowing the companies and places where the grapes were grown, talk ii producers find their ideas, passion and also the efforts that have brought the wine to be born and that wine always deliver. So is Luigi Veronelli ... and to you, I hope you will enjoy this with me, that I dedicate my work. The selection of Italian wines that you will find in this site and especially the idea that it is based, created by an application for a manufacturer of Montalcino me: "What is Italian-style wine? " He displaced! While searching for my wine, around Italy, I often thought about that exchange of views and I have concluded that, in my humble opinion, is the Italian style varietal wines (where tradition does not provide more than one); wines related to the history of a territory; Wine mirror the nature of a territory; wines sometimes difficult to understand; wines in their production cycle to nature; wines with clever use of wooden casks or barrels that is, just not this distorts the true nature; I tried to make this site the real stars were his wines with these characteristics.